The educational project in crypto-economics sphere by Crypto Gramota and the WEX exchange represent: Four-day fee-based courses for those who wants to get or to pump crypto-currencies trading skills. Practicing traders will learn you how to formulate your own strategy for investing in crypto assets and manage risks. Skipers
Pavel Akopdjanyan Crypto-analyst, entrepreneur, engineer. Managing partner of trust management fund. Ivan Petrov Leading trust fund trader. Crypto-trader since 2011, expert in the field of technical analysis
And also an anonymous trader who will answer any questions about crypto.
Basic Trading — paid course on crypto-currencies trading basics. The basic course to get practical knowledge and skills of trading on crypto-currency exchange.
 This course is for: For traders with work experience less than a year, and newcomers who want to acquire crypto assets. Course program
Cryptoeconomics Fundamentals since 19:00 to 22:00. • Definitions and introduction to crypto-trading • Differences between crypto-exchanges from the stock exchange • Safety storage of crypto assets • Choosing and comparing wallets • Selecting and comparing crypto-exchanges • Risk Management and Money Management • Practical skills • Useful tools for trading • Fundamental analysis • Selection of information sources • Questions - answers, homework Cryptotrading Fundamentals, since 19:00 to 22:00. Arbitrage transactions • Algorithmic trading • Drawing up an investment portfolio • Psychological barriers • Choosing Your Trading Style • Assessment of venture capital investments • Over-the-counter profit-making • Popular mistakes • Tips and Tricks • Questions - answers •
The course will teach • Understand digital asset technology • To acquire crypto-assets under the best conditions • Create a reliable store of coins and tokens • Filter out reliable sources of information • Appraise the prospects and potential growth of digital assets • Choose the best trading platform • Profit in an over-the-counter way • Assess venture investments in ICO
Pro Trading — paid course on strategies and success factors in crypto-currencies trading Advanced course for experienced traders, with the adaptation of issues of technical analysis, trading strategies, and psychological factors trading to cryptomarket.
 This course is for: For traders with more than one year of experience and owners of digital assets. Course program
Trading Strategy, since 19:00 to 22:00 • Market Review • Technical analysis • Analysis of trading strategies and tactics • Analysis of trade indicators • Target formation • “Reading” Graphs • Time optimization in asset management Success factor, since 19:00 to 22:00 Analysis of Japanese candles • Reading Trends • Entry and exit points • Trading practice • Psychology • Airbag and profit fix •
The course will teach • Form your own investment portfolio • To develop a trading strategy according to the horizon of risk and profit • Manage trading and analytical tools • To avoid losses from actions of market-makers • Use rationally trading time Certificate Those who take both courses will have the opportunity to participate in the Crypto Challenge: they will be admitted to the real trading on the demo accounts of the crypto-exchange WEX. Challenge will last from the end of December 2017 until the end of January 2018. Winners will receive a reward in the form of a part of the profit earned on demo accounts and will be invited to cooperate with the trust management fund.


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